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We use advanced Hydroscrub® Jetting and plumbing video cameras for precise and efficient drain cleaning, ensuring a quick and effective solution to clogged drains.

Signs include water backing up out of sinks, pools of water forming around shower drains, slow drainage, gurgling sounds from drains, and unpleasant odors indicating a potential blockage.

Yes, you can attempt to clear minor clogs with a plunger or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. However, for stubborn clogs, it’s best to call professional plumbers like us.

In a plumbing emergency, turn off the shutoff valve of the affected fixture or the main shutoff valve of your house, and then call Caliber One Plumbing for immediate assistance.

Regular drain maintenance is crucial to prevent clogs and ensure the smooth functioning of your plumbing system. We recommend scheduling professional drain cleaning at least once a year.

Sewer drain pipe repair may involve inspecting the pipes with cameras, clearing blockages with Hydroscrub® Jetting, and performing repairs or replacements as needed.

The cost varies based on the extent of the damage. On average, drain pipe repair can range from $250 to $1,500. We provide estimates based on a thorough assessment.

We can repair or replace various types of drains, including shower and bathtub drains, sink drains, basement floor drains, and outdoor drains, ensuring full functionality of your plumbing system.

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